When you can’t Olivia Pope the situation, truth prevails, and grace intervenes.

From the tantrums to the messy playroom, to the C-sections, to the broken relationships, to the missed appointments, to the loss of loved ones, I’ve learned that nothing goes as planned. I’m a big advocate of having a strategic plan for your life. But what happens if the plan becomes an EPIC fail? As women/mothers, we are innately problem solvers. We find solutions to complex problems. We want things to make logical sense. However, what life displays to us time and time again, is that we can’t always “fix’ the issue.

SPOILER ALERT- As illustrated in the last episode of the ABC series Scandal. We see that the Olivia Pope played by the fabulous Kerry Washington is faced with a huge dilemma. Does she take the “L” (loss) and tell the truth about B613(the shows fictitious intelligence unit) to prove that Cyrus Beene(Jeff Perry) hijacked his plane and risk going to prison for the skeletons in her White House. Or does Olivia put on her superhero costume with the “F”(fixer) on her chest and try and fix the situation. When Olivia realizes this situation is a feat and beyond her ability to control or correct, she opts for truth. When the chips were down and their poster child- David Rosen(Joshua Malina) is poisoned and killed, Olivia Pope and associates wanted to throw in the towel. However, out of nowhere comes a new witness to intervene – Papa Pope(Eli Morton). Papa Popes testimony to the Senate committee results in the preservation of Mellie Grant’s(Bellamy Young) legacy and the release of Quinn Perkins(Katie Lowe) husband from jail.

I recap the scandal finale as a parallel to remind you that there are times in our lives where we have to embrace the truth of our present circumstances and understand that life will not always go as planned. Rather than try to make sense of it, we should yield to Papa God. Your children will not always make the right decisions. Heck, your spouse will not always make the right decisions. It’s not your job to “fix’ them; it is God who “fixes” and make all things new. It is the grace of God that will help you not strangle them, while he fixes them and fixes you. Mothers & Wives not everything in life will make sense or turn out the way we imagined. However, you can count on Papa God’s grace to intervene and provide a solution. I believe that’s part of the mystery of God to intervene when we least expect it and to do it in his timing.

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